Save Chicago

If you aren’t in tune with the prominent rap group, save money, rising out of Chicago by now you probably should not call yourself a real rap fan. Some up and coming artists from save money include Chance the Rapper, Joey Purp, Towkio, Vic Mensa, and many more unnamed characters.

Ball Like I’m Kobe (BLIK)

The Chicago rap scene has grown in prominence year after year. From Chance the Rapper to Chief keef, Chicago has practically become the face of the rap scene. Recently, The style known as Drill, a form of gangster rap, boomed in Chicago.

Taxation without Representation

You walk into the house on a hot summer day, grab your favorite cup from the dishwasher, and open the freezer. As the familiar gust of cold air greets your face, you scoop a handful of ice release it into the cup, then grab your favorite beverage, for me, it’s a thirst quenching Sprite.

Black Beauty

Beauty is my life! And I mean all aspects of Beauty, such as the hair, the fashion, and of course the makeup. I eat, sleep, and live this life! My passion for the beauty industry began during my 8th grade school year. At the time, I had a relaxer in my hair but one day I searched YouTube for better ways to take care of my hair.