Black Beauty

Feb 23, 2017 | Fashion

Beauty is my life! And I mean all aspects of Beauty, such as the hair, the fashion, and of course the makeup. I eat, sleep, and live this life! My passion for the beauty industry began during my 8th grade school year. At the time, I had a relaxer in my hair but one day I searched YouTube for better ways to take care of my hair. This was the beginning to what opened the door and inspired me to pursue a career in beauty. That year I did the “big chop” and started embracing my beautiful natural curls. Once I conquered that aspect of beauty I thought “why stop there?” I then researched YouTube for tips on makeup and fashion which led me to my favorite YouTubers. These include MonicaStyleMuse, Cydnee Black, Smartista Beauty, Mini Marley, Jewe Jewe Bee, Glamtwinz334, Natural Neicey, and Teaira Walker. These are YouTube stars who post videos about the beauty industry. They post videos to help young girls and women take care of themselves and express themselves through makeup, hair, and fashion.



1. Glamtwinz334

The Glamtwinz334, Kelsey and Kendra, run a very popular YouTube channel. They have over 40 million views and over 500 thousand subscribers. They’re videos are focused around makeup, hair, and also fashion. They do it all!

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2. Jewe Jewe Bee

Jewe Jewe Bee is up and coming YouTuber. She posts the majority of her videos surrounding natural hair. She has accommodated over 4 million views and over 70 thousand subscribers.

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3. Mini Marley

Mini Marley, aka Breanna, is a YouTuber who also focuses on uploading videos on natural hair. She loves coloring and cutting her hair in different ways to express herself. She has over 12 million views with over 240 thousand subscribers.

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4. NaturalNeicey

NaturalNeicey is a young YouTuber. She posts videos on fashion and natural hair. She also enjoys posting videos about lifestyle related topics. She receives over 18 million views and over 340 thousand subscribers.

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5. Smartista Beauty

Smartista Beauty, aka Bri Hall, is a young, active YouTuber. She has over 15 million views and over 360 subscribers. Her videos are not focused on one thing. She covers makeup, hair, and fashion. She also uploads videos on fitness and lifestyle topics. She inspires many young girls across the world every day.

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6. Teaira Walker

Teaira Walker is a successful woman as a YouTuber. Her main focus on her YouTube videos is makeup. She gets over 6 million views and around 200 thousand subscribers.

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7. Cydnee Black

Cydnee Black is a very successful YouTuber. Her videos are focused around makeup which always looks phenomenal. She has received over 7 million views and over 445 thousand subscribers.

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8. MonicaStyleMuse

Monica is an up and coming YouTube star. She is a great inspiration for young girls who need to gain confidence and learn how to express themselves. Her videos are mainly focused on fashion, but she also incorporates videos on makeup as well. She has reached over 3 million views and over 90 thousand subscribers.

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