Save Chicago

Feb 23, 2017 | Music

I[/drocap]f you aren’t in tune with the prominent rap group, save money, rising out of Chicago by now you probably should not call yourself a real rap fan. Some up and coming artists from save money include Chance the Rapper, Joey Purp, Towkio, Vic Mensa, and many more unnamed characters. Save money is no ordinary rap group, but they are similar to every young, stylish, urban friend group in Chicago.   Most outsiders don’t realize that within Chicago are tiny cities and each city represents a different culture, race, religion, so on and so forth. Therefore, the opportunity to bring people from many different backgrounds together is much greater. This is why Save money is so special. Their stories, their backgrounds give insight into the multifaceted struggle of an everyday Chicagoan, whether it is social, economic, or even political.


Their various personas and personalities allow them to come together to create a sound that is irreplaceable and original.  #Savemoneysummer was a hashtag created to attract, entice, and lure their audience closer in preparation for a stream of projects that would be released over the course of 3 months. What Save money didn’t do to prepare their audience for their upcoming projects was explain how insightful, provocative, and thought provoking they were going to be. While Chance is tearing up the rap world with his refusal to sign to a label and his nostalgic mixture of jazz, house music, blues, and classic rap; Vic Mensa dedicated his whole tape to personal growth, reflection, and his stance on the state of police brutality and its direct effect on African Americans. Save money is daring to do what most rappers want to do but are not skilled enough or are legally unable to do because of contractual obligations with their label.

Their independence, intuitiveness, and confidence are what have allowed them to flourish in a market that was over-saturated with rappers who glorified the “street life.” Not only are they revitalizing the rap game but they are creating positive influences for a generation that at one point could only relate themselves to artists such as Chief Keef.  Save money is breaking the generational chain of mainstream, commoditized rap that has purged, exploited, and discarded the valuable forms of rap that highlighted struggle and character within the African American community. Save money are the NWA of our time, moving and acting with disregard for the feelings of others or more descriptively the social constructs that have bound previous artists to saturated, non-imperative rap.